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Shabbat is a cornerstone of Jewish continuity and a cornerstone of the Secular Jewish Circle calendar year. In addition to regular gatherings we have several special annual Shabbats.

Each Shabbat gathering is listed in our calendar for the year and we look forward to your joining us.

Shabbat in the home

As a member we encourage you to host a Shabbat meal in your home for as few or as many people as you would are comfortable. Use the signup form below.

If you are guest who would like to learn more about SJC, in addition to contacting us and joining our next event, you can signup to join a member hosted Shabbat meal with the form below.

Shabbat play dates for children

We are excited to announce our new Shabbat Potluck Playdate Program. 

What: Get to know other families from our school community by hosting a playdate at your place. It is a great opportunity for our kids and adult members to bound friendships, and bring our community together.

When: Friday early dinner, Saturday brunch or lunch, or Saturday Havdalah early dinner.

How: Contact us to volunteer your place to host a playdate! The school staff will coordinate the playdate, assisting in matching between the hosting families to other families within the age group they feel comfortable hosting, as well as other logistic issues.

Does your child/ren need a play date? Use this below form to find a match.

Mon, 20 August 2018