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School Registration

The Sunday school (Shalom Sunday) has plenty of spots available in all age groups: PreK* (4 yr olds), K/1st,/2nd, 3rd/4th/5th, and 6th/7th/B'nai Mitzvah. Each class usually has between 4 and 7 kids. Students learn about Jewish identity, holidays, values, and history, all from a secular humanist perspective. Classes meet 2 Sundays a month* (PreK meets once per month).  We have resumed in-person classes at the JCC on Mercer Island for the 2021-2022 year. In-person classes last 2 hours and then the whole school meets to review the day. Should the need arise to revert to virtual classes, classes meet for approximately 1 hour. 

We are strictly adhering to the COVID policies set forth by the JCC. This includes mask requirements for all attendees, regardless of vaccination status and proof of vaccination for everyone.

Registration* can be completed with the below form.

School Tuition fees: Updated pricing coming soon

If you register more than one child, your oldest child pays the regular tuition. Your other children receive a 10% discount on their tuition.

*Note: You need to be a  member to register your child/ren.

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Sun, 14 August 2022