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*We have resumed in-person instruction for the 2021-2022 school year. We adhere to the COVID policies set forth by the JCC, which include proof of vaccination for everyone; however, masks are currently not required. Click here for more details

Shalom Sunday School classes meet twice a month* on Sunday at the Mercer Island Jewish Community Center (JCC). Classes begin at 9:30 am and end at 11:30 pmWeather permitting, we will have a brief closing circle outside from 11:30-11:45.  Programs run from September through June. *PreK meets once per month.

For a detailed description of the Shalom Sunday classes and program, see The Shalom Sunday Handbook.

Kitah Keff (Preschool/4 yr olds) *meets once per month

Community is vital, even to the youngest members of Secular Jewish Circle. Exploring aspects of Secular Humanistic Jewish identity is the aim of this class. Jewish symbols, holidays, stories, language, games, food and dance are introduced. Some Hebrew words will be introduced to gain familiarity.

Kitah Gan (Kindergarten & 1st Grade)*currently combined with Kitah Aleph

In Kitah Gan students will explore Judaism further. This class will cover concepts like the Jewish calendar, including Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur, Hanukkah, TuBshevat, and Passover holidays – moving into how they are celebrated their own home – and by their grandparents. In this class children will begin the discussion of Jewish genealogy, names and where each student’s family came from. Students will learn Hebrew letters and words through activities, games, cooking and crafts.

Kitah Aleph (Grades 2-3)* currently combined with Kitah Gan

Our Kitah Aleph class starts to teach students about who Jews are in the world and how we want to leave the world. Students are taught about concepts of Tikkun Olam, Mitzvah, Tzedakah and the value of community. The class embraces the celebration of life-long learning. Kitah Aleph will explore Jewish history starting in the mid 1800’s moving to more recent history, including Antisemitism, assimilation in the United States. Students will use crafts, games, singing and cooking to explore their Jewish identity.

Kitah Bet (Grades 4-5) 

The story of the Jews is the story of an amazingly ancient and resilient people. In the two-year course of learning this history, the students will explore Jewish values, life and contributions from ancient history through the 15th century. They will also explore the intersections of Jewish holidays with history. Students will explore Torah stories and learn about the Talmud.

Kitah Gimel (Grades 6-7) 

In Kitah Gimel, students will be encouraged to explore their own identities as Secular Humanistic Jews. Kitah Gimel contains units of study including The Roots and Beliefs of Secular Humanistic Judaism, Contemporary Issues and a Secular Humanistic Response, Israel and the Middle East, and Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust.

As part of the Shalom Sunday, families may choose to participate in the B Mitzvah program. The B Mitzvah program prepares youth for their (optional) B Mitzvah ceremony. Topics focus on Jewish history, identity, values, customs, and current social issues. The two-year program uses community action projects, field trips, and academic study to prepare youth to be valued community members. See B Mitzvah Program Description for more details.

Here are the dates for Shalom Sunday School 2022-2023: classes may be shifted to virtual if necessary. 

September 11*, 25
October 9*, 23
November 6*, 20
December 4*, 11
January 8*, 22
February 5*, 26
March 5*, 19
April 2*, 23
May 7*, 21

*denotes PreK in session

 Adult Discussion Group*: meets once per month. Led by founding member Judi Gladstone and guest speakers, the Adult Discussion Group covers a wide range of topics directed by the interests of the participants. Come chat, learn and discuss Jewish history and traditions and contemporary issues and challenges facing us today. *Adult Discussion Group paused during COVID; however, we are working to resume it soon. 


Mon, 30 January 2023