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Together, We Gather

…for Shabbat celebrations and to observe Jewish holidays with stories and ceremonies that are thoughtfully adapted to reflect both our history, and the philosophy and values of Secular Humanistic Judaism.

Together, We Learn

…through programming for adults and children — including a full Sunday School curriculum and a B’nei Mitzvah program that follows the philosophies of secular humanism, within the context of Jewish tradition.

Together, We Grow

…as we explore the evolution of Jewish thought and culture across nations, eras, and cultures, to create of our own free will the expression of Judaism that is authentic to who we are today — a community of Jewish individuals who come together because we feel a connection to our Jewish roots, but prefer a non-theistic, humanist approach.

Together, We are a Mishpocheh

…a family! We’d love for you to join us!

To learn more about the SJC, you can explore our online library and visit us at an upcoming event. We’d love to welcome you to our circle!


Sun, 21 July 2024