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Seattle Jewish Information

Secular Jewish Circle provides the following information in order to make your visit, or move, to Seattle more enjoyable. Our including any organization or company below is only for the sake of information and should not be taken as endorsement.

Kosher Restaurants
If you desire a kosher dining experience, you can find a list of Kosher restaurants and establishments on the Seattle Va'ad website.

If you need to purchase groceries or holiday specific foods, you can find a larger selection of kosher and non-kosher Jewish foods at the QFC in University Village.

Event Officiants 
 The SJC is happy to recommend two local officiants for weddings, bnai mitzvot, and other ceremonies: 

Madrikha Michelle Davis, a local Madrikha associated with our community and
Madrikha Mary Raskin, local to the Portland area but happy to travel for any events as needed. 

For their contact info or with any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

Local Jewish Community Organizations

Mon, 17 June 2019