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SJC is a member-led organization. Unlike a synagogue, we have few paid staff who are each very part-time. The majority of the work to run our organization is done by our small, all-volunteer, Board and members. While this can add complexity it is also wonderful. Being a DIY organization builds community and friendships and allows each member more input, reward, leadership opportunities (you too can lead a Shabbat) and allows us to keep our dues super-low.

We, the Board, need your involvement. Tasks range from the physical (such as moving tables or mopping floors after shabbat), to more cerebral tasks like brain-storming and implementing fundraising activities and marketing approaches. Another opportunity is to get involved in governance as a member of our board.

To keep us small and functioning smoothly, we need EVERYONE to volunteer in some capacity. As Rabbi Hillel said, if not now, when? If not me, who?

Thank you for your engagement!

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Mon, 26 September 2022