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Our New Kitah Gimel Teacher

The Secular Jewish Circle of Puget Sound and the Shalom Sunday School are proud to welcome our newest member to the education team:

Laura B. Otto earned her MBA from Willamette University in Salem Oregon and is now a human resources professional at Optimum Energy, LLC here in Seattle.

She recently completed the Judaism conversion process in 2015, which reminds us of the most famous convert in Jewish history, Ruth. Ruth bound herself to Naomi, bound herself to a people, and through her acts of kindness as well as courage she became an exemplar of decency and vision.

In this conversion process, I completed a wide range of readings as I met one on one with Susan Levine over the course of a year and a half. I was also exposed to a great deal of personal reflection in creating my Jewish identity – something that is critical in teaching the B’nai Mitzvah program.” - Laura Otto

As we welcome the new Kitah Gimel teacher for our eleven to thirteen year old children, Ms. Otto is enthusiastic and looks forward to “preparing the next generation of leaders of our Jewish Community.

Sat, 16 February 2019